1 – In Want of Jasmine: a Journal for the Written Wor(l)d is currently looking for submissions, both written and visual, for our online launch on April 1, 2018, in honor of National Poetry Month.

We will initially feature ONE poet and ONE visual artist per month.

See submission Guidelines HERE

2 – CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – for Vegetarian Alcoholic Press

Teen Angst Mix Tape

Every poet, early on, wrote horrible and angst-filled poetry. When they look back at the tripe they once wrote in their teens and early twenties, they are tempted to burn those pages forever.

These are the poems we want. And we want you reading them.

Vegetarian Alcoholic Press is putting together a mix tape, on honest-to-god cassettes, of you reading your worst and most embarrassing teen-angst poetry.

To submit:
1)      Send up to 3 poems, no longer than 3 to 5 minutes each, as separate voice/audio files.
2)      A cover letter letting us know the origin of the poems, where you were in life when you wrote them, and how old you were at the time.
3)      A brief bio of 50 words or less (for the booklet in the cassette case!)
4)      Send to
5)      Deadline is April 1st.

Submissions will be reviewed by Freddy LaForce of Vegetarian Alcoholic Press and Ridire Quinn of In Want of Jasmine.