Archive of Editors’ Works

These poems originally appeared on In Want of Jasmine as part of a collaborative project between Jess June & Quinn. We have now grown beyond that into an online journal, but we wanted to keep the original spirit of collaborative poetry by presenting these here:

Premonition -by Jess June
Photo by Ridire Quinn
Originally Published Jan 7, 2018

A Fold of Chairs – by Jess June & Ridire Quinn
Originally Published Dec 24, 2017

Dust – A Play-Poem in One Act
-by Jess June & Ridire Quinn
photo by Jess June
Originally Published Dec 17, 2017

Stairwells -by Jess June & Ridire Quinn
Originally Published Dec 3, 2017

The Space Between Stars -A Play-Poem in Three Acts
by Jess June & Ridire Quinn
Originally Published on Nov 11, 2017

Before we Were -by Ridire Quinn.
Photo by Jess June
22 October, 2017

Aftermath -by Jess June & Ridire Quinn.
Photo by Ridire Quinn
24 September – 15 October, 2017

Signs – by Jess June.
Photo by Ridire Quinn
18 September, 2017

The First Letter -by Jess June & Ridire Quinn.
Photo by Ridire Quinn
31 July – 11 September, 2017

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