IWOJ Editors


A UW-Milwaukee graduate, Jess June now resides in Madison, Wisconsin with her two lovely dogs & her sense of humor. She spends her days slinging drinks for a rather thirsty population, while finishing up her debut chapbook collection of poetry, which is currently in the works. See her recent work at Genre: Urban Arts.


17523082_10213127758327865_7679804399249136004_nQuinn is a chef who somehow finds time to write, be a father and husband, edit In Want of Jasmine (an online poetry journal) and perform his duties as Steward of the Night Carnival. His work has appeared in Silvae Magazine, Burdock, Five2One Magazine, Harbinger Asylum, Return to the Gathering Place of the Waters, Our Dearly Departed Internet, Fox Adoption Magazine, and the Shepherd ExpressHe is the author of  The Tint of Glass Awnings (Rebirth Ink, 2013)You can read some of his published work at

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