Notes from the Editors

June 2, 2018

The heat and humidity of summer has finally arrived after four or five winters (here in the Midwest, at least). So much happens between things…between the paint and the wall, a hand and a door knob, pressing the “brew” button on your coffee maker and a cup of coffee. No less so than between featured poets at In Want of Jasmine. Welcome back.

June 2018 finds Else Starfish.Wolf writing with stark line-breaks and punctuality, hitting you with brick and mortar words and the wrecking-ball images behind them.

-IWOJ Editors


May 1, 2018

It is slow coming, a full month between contributors, but we are in love with words. We wish each poet’s or writer’s work to stand on its own, without unnecessary distraction, for as long as possible. This is In Want of Jasmine.

Thus, we begin our second month with three poems by contributor Julie Martin, who currently resides in St. Paul. Her voice adds to the totality of beauty in the wor(l)d of poetry, and we are honored that she has allowed IWOJ to publish them here.

-IWOJ Editors.


April 15, 2018

>>>>UPDATE: Jess June will be unavailable for our collaborative feature on Apr 23. Quinn will be performing solo.<<<<

IWOJ Editors Jess & Quinn will be the Featured Poets at Poets Monday, Milwaukee’s longest running open mic, on April 23.

open microskirt preZen Te Shan of Posie
Sign-uq 730 – 9
feature performance 9 – 10
Bowl of Niacin 10 ’till last poet

No cover in front room. $3 in back.

-IWOJ Editors

April 1, 2018

Welcome to In Want of Jasmine! It is our distinct pleasure to have “On Picnic Day,” a collaborative, ekphrasic work between Sue Blaustein and Thea Kovac, as our inaugural publication.

April 1st is our first day on the job, and we are excited to be here. Explore IWOJ, discover who and where we are and what we are about. Let us know what you think.

We hope you enjoy the poetry we discover, or that discovers us.