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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS. IWOJ accepts unsolicited submissions year round.
-original works of art

IWOJ will feature one poet and one visual artist each month.

When submitting your works, please read carefully.


Send submissions to

In Want of Jasmine: Journal for the Written Wor(l)d loves new and emerging poets, writers and artists.

WordsIn Want of Jasmine seeks solid, well written works. We love collaborative poetry, essays and compositions, or simply work that reflect a myriad of voices, whether inner or external, whether in concert or conflict. Above all, we want poetry, essays or stories that are well written and that demonstrate a solid grasp of the craft. Submit up to three poems, or a single composition of 5000 words or less. Please format your submission as doc or docx.

Visual Art – We seek well composed, original works of visual art that demonstrate a solid grasp of the artist’s chosen medium. While subject matter can be anything, we appreciate the small, the daily, the often overlooked.

Introduce yourself with a bio of 150 words or less and include a cover letter. Editors love good manners. Also, if you have links to your other works, either on another site or your own page, we would love to provide access to them. Include those as well.

We are only looking for PREVIOUSLY UNPUBLISHED WORK. Works appearing on your facebook page are acceptable.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable. Please let us know as soon as possible if your work has been accepted elsewhere. Copyright remains with the poet.  In Want of Jasmine: a Journal for the Written Wor(l)d reserves first publication rights. There is no submission fee, and at this time, IWOJ cannot offer payment for published works. In Want of Jasmine is, at this time, an ONLINE journal.

THE FINE PRINT:  In Want of Jasmine: Journal for the Written Wor(l)d reserves first online publication rights to the poems it publishes. The author of a work is free to have poems, which first appeared on IWOJ, re-published elsewhere, as long as other publishers do not require first rights AND those publishers credit the work’s first publication in In Want of Jasmine: Journal for the Written Wor(l)d IWOJ reserves the right to publish individual poems, first published in the online magazine, in an anthology format in the future.  If you publish your own chapbook or poetry book, which happens to include one of the poems first published on the IWOJ site, it is common courtesy to list In Want of Jasmine: Journal for the Written Wor(l)d on your acknowledgments page.  It can be challenging to keep track of everything, but very worthwhile.  It gives your book even more credibility, to show that some of your poems appeared in literary journals first.

Responses will be sent out approximately 6 – 8 weeks after receiving a submission. We want to give your work the thorough and attentive respect it is due. Please do not send an inquiry before 8 weeks have passed.

Send submissions or inquiries to Editor, Include your last name, “Submission” or “Inquiry”, and the date in the subject line.

© 2018 All individual works copyrighted by their authors; all rights reserved. All poems and essays are works of the imagination. While the perceptions and insights are based on the authors’ experiences, no reference to any real person is intended or should be inferred. The views expressed on this website may not necessarily reflect the views of In Want of Jasmine: Journal for the Written Wor(l)d.