my hands break open
platelets emerge and (s)tumble
rolling hills; bulbous apparitions
my eyes burn
i want to forget you, i want to forget you –
the worst kind of poison
self-inflicted, a bared nectarine
that cannot be cauterized
spilling its juice like this avalanche
from my hands.
we woke up with the light
a tone too bright and the air
a paler version of ourselves.
we had it coming
and repeatedly, the tentacles of
inclination and intuition
grazed at my belly with unkind
heeding; but i begged
i begged this time.
your mercury gaze encapsulated
the glue of the spaces
chewed with vigor; satisfied.
i bled, yielded to
your most malignant undertones.
i had it coming.

– by Elsa Starfish.Wolf